E-learning Program at Christian Spanish Academy

About our “E-learning” Program at CSA

In 2004, Christian Spanish Academy inaugurated a system of teaching Spanish by using Skype, (an online application) on a one-on-one basis.
This allows you to continue your studies from anywhere.
We have developed our own program, which has seven levels (“A” through “G”), from beginners to advanced. We also have a “Survival Spanish Program I and II” for students that want to take Spanish classes for the first time and need a basic Spanish. This popular programs used at CSA in Guatemala, have been adapted to the e-learning system using established teaching principles which have been extensively proved and improved during our 25 years history.

Prior to your first lesson we will send you a Spanish test (for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students). With the test results we will place you in the level that best suits you.

After you finish each level, you will be tested before stepping up to the next level. Your learning development is closely monitored by our coordinator and your personal instructor.

Skype CSA
Skype: info-elearncsa